Titan Law - You Make the Law

Final Year Project

Titan law is the Final Year Project, carried out by myself and my team, for the model titled, "Research and Development Project", conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

Reading and understanding a given piece of text is merely a walk in the park, for a human being, if he or she is aware of the context of the text. This understanding process is supported by past experiences, domain knowledge, and the structure of the given piece of text. With this understanding, a person could draw related conclusions to support the problem at hand. But this process is not as easy for computers as it appears to be for humans. Drawing the conclusion to a given problem using the information and knowledge at hand, has always been a problem, in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. The information for a given domain increases day by day, making the entire process even more complex. Due to this reason, scientists have tried to come up with methods to get the necessary solutions as required, from a given information source, and this process is known as information extraction.

The proposed system for ontology-based legal information extraction can be categorized into several sub sections as, ontology, preprocessor, information extraction module and knowledge base.


To simplify and gain more accuracy, it is vital to identify relevant legal documents which are in a substantially structured manner. Natural language processing techniques and linguistic rules would be ideal ways to preprocess legal documents. For instance, a spelling correction mechanism will boost up the accuracy of the system. 

Implementing a well structured ontology is the main objective of the proposed system since a well structured ontology can represent formal semantics and implicit relationships among entities of the legal domain in a much stronger way. Since the proposed system is addressing a desperate problem of both, the legal professional and the general public, user friendliness and easy accessibility of the client application, will be another value addition to the proposed system.